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Why Reading Widely Improves Your Writing

We all know that reading is helpful to our writing. But why is that exactly?   Improves Vocabulary Even if you were the vocab queen in school, chances are you’re not utilizing that well of knowledge on the daily basis. Reading a variety of work exposes you to a wider vocabulary and builds up a treasure trove of words for you to draw upon. Reading with an eye for word choice will also remind you that the type of language you use is very important — word choice needs to reflect the characters’ attitudes and plot situations.   Inspires Creativity
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How to Write an Engaging Book-Jacket Blurb

It’s the moment of decision. There are so many wonderful, fascinating things you feel a reader should know about your story, but what do you include? What will make them want to part with their money? How many times have you put a book down, or scrolled onto the next one just because the description was ho-hum? Don’t let that happen to your book. Anyone who has published, either traditionally or independently will tell you: you have to have a great hook or no one is going to read your book. So um—no pressure, huh?  So how can you help
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