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Who’s up for a fight? [Writing real fight scenes]

Recently I have been chatting with a friend and fellow author about writing fight scenes in her novel. Unlike most writers, this is an area that doesn’t give me too many problems, or at least, not of the same kind that they experience. Let’s lay down a few antecedents: I have been trained in 26 different fighting systems, holding black belt degrees in 14 of these, and a host of weapons during a long and interesting life. But my knowledge is not just theoretical. Unfortunately, I have had to use those skills on occasion… and I’m still here, so they
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Trends In Writing Beget A Trend In Reading

Something unexpected has developed in my reading patterns. Perhaps it’s happened to you, too. Back when I first became an avid reader, I’d read whatever I could get my hands on. That was particularly true when it came to science fiction; all the SF there was in the world wasn’t nearly enough for me. Anderson, Asimov, Bester, Blish, Bloch, Bradbury, Budrys, Clarke, Del Rey, Dickson, Heinlein, Kuttner, McCaffrey, Russell, Simak, and all their colleagues could barely keep me supplied. But that was a long time ago. Things have changed. One of the most visible changes has been the rise of
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Dialogue in a Nutshell

Dialogue. It sounds easy right. You get two or more characters together and you start them talking. Ah, but did you know there are rules to writing dialogue?Of course there are! But, don’t worry, I’ll try to make them easy to understand and follow. So, let’s get started. We all know that dialogue is plain and simple just easier and faster to read than narrative. It keeps the reader interested and moves the story along. That’s your first rule. Dialogue has to move the story along. As Dwight V. Swain says in The Things They Say article, “…ever and always dialogue must
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