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Character Building

Novels are often described as being either plot-driven or character-driven. This is something that may confuse the aspiring or new writer. Surely all plot-driven novels have characters, and character-driven novels have plots. Often I feel that this description is applied when the reviewer comes across a character that stands out (so the work is character-driven) or not (plot-driven). I think this is a somewhat short-sighted approach – I’ve yet to meet an author who doesn’t try to make their characters believable. So let’s take a look at why some succeed and others don’t. First off, despite all the effort that
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Building a better Batcave (A long post about a VERY IMPORTANT issue. Sorry.)

What’s my worst enemy?   Backache? Stiff neck? Sore wrists? Stinging eyes?   Well… If YOU have these, perhaps  you have just come back from a night on the town where you either arm-wrestled a crocodile…    Or… You are a writer! No, I don’t mean someone who scribbles an email from time to time, nor an office bee producing memos for office bee colleagues. No. I’m talking about the word-zombies who sit in front of a keyboard for inhuman lengths of time pecking away at the keys as they brain-dump huge tracts of lies they call novels. Hello. My
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10 Techniques to Spark the Writing

From Gotham Writers’ Workshop Inc. and from an article in The Guardian comes writing advice from the Poet Laureate of the UK, Andrew Motion.   10 Techniques to Spark the Writing   1. Decide when in the day (or night) it bests suits you to write, and organise your life accordingly. 2. Think with your senses as well as your brain. 3. Honour the miraculousness of the ordinary. 4. Lock different characters/elements in a room and tell them to get on. 5. Remember there is no such thing as nonsense. 6. Bear in mind Wilde’s dictum that “only mediocrities develop” – and challenge it. 7.
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