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Are Independent Authors the New Publishing Paradigm?

In music and movies, it’s always hipper to be indie. It means you have met success without a corporate blessing. It’s the spirit of individualism made manifest. Being indie allows us the freedom to explore, to push boundaries, to not have to worry about whether or not we are addressing a wide enough, all-encompassing audience.  Being indie means that in order to succeed you have to be original, innovative, cutting edge, and at times, controversial. And finally, that same reputation is moving into the world of publishing. Sadly, this new reputation is still too new to cause massive sales, but
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Your Book–Keep Marketing Momentum High

For new authors, the task of getting the word out about a current WIP or an upcoming release comes complete with a separate set of worries than that of writing, drafting and editing. Marketing and promo sounds fun. Some of us start the planning stages before we have the finished product. And that’s a good thing–to know what direction you want to go in, but keeping that momentum up during and after is the trick. Is it enough to simply outline, list what you want and make the proper inquiries? Sure. If that’s your only goal at the time. Having a more
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The Rise of Digital Books

With the rise of e-readers and tablets, countless articles have been written speculating on future of our beloved books. A lover of technology, when I entered the world of indie publishing a year and a half ago, I had already embraced the e-reader even though I had yet to own one. The idea of being able carry my entire library around with me simply appealed to my nerdy self in a way print couldn’t. Usually I’m a sentimentalist, but not this time. (The smell and feel of books? Have you checked out a library book lately?) I was ready to
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