Author Interviews

Aditi Chopra

When did you begin indie publishing? I started publishing fiction books in 2013. How did you make the choice to go indie? I had been publishing non-fi...

Francis W. Porretto

When did you begin indie publishing? My first venture took place late in 2010, at the SmashWords eBook publishing website. The novel was Which Art In...

Chris Bent Author Interview Part 7 | Former Navy SEAL Author | Former Navy SEAL Stories | Values

Transcript: Interviewer: Is there anything about the people in Naples? About getting them on board to do the things you’d really like for them t...

Gerald Freeman

When did you begin indie publishing? Oct 10th 2013 Why did you make the choice to go indie? After trying the traditional route and receiving some very...

Mya Kay

When did you begin indie publishing? 2012 How did you make the choice to go indie? After over 100 rejections from agents and publishers, I decided to...

Recent Articles

The designer who designed the cover of “The Tree’s Sister”

DELHI: She can be called an innovative person with a great power of imagination. Meet Sonakshi Sharma, a Delhi girl who has designed the cover of the book – “The Tree’s Sister” written by Ankit Singh. She is also a professional photographer in addition to this. The cover page of this book is being widely appreciated by the readers. The story is based on the emotional bonding between a 5-yr old little girl Shruti and the Neem tree. “Due to the theme of the book being based on nature/environ ...

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Self-Published Titles Hitting the Virtual Stacks

Another reason not to be exclusive! There’s no doubt that indies and self-published authors have made headways in recent years, and are finally getting their due. While I’m late to this – I would probably be late to my own funeral – libraries and educational institutions are getting their hands on self-published and indie titles including e-books and audio books. Why is it important to have your book in libraries? It’s a mode of discovery. According to a phone survey of 2,986 Americans ages 16 a ...

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Prosodies, Threnodies, And Maladies

The indie-writers movement is a thing of great internal variety. Indeed, the one thing we have in common is that we publish our own crap. However, our offerings do display some differences, statistically at least, from the drivel that Pub World puts out. In particular, Pub World fiction puts more emphasis on style than does indie fiction. Indies tend to emphasize plot and excitement. That cleavage probably derives, at least in part, from the reason we write: the kinds of stories that thrilled us ...

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