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Chris Bent Author Interview Part 7 | Former Navy SEAL Author | Former Navy SEAL Stories | Values

Transcript: Interviewer: Is there anything about the people in Naples? About getting them on board to do the things you’d really like for them t...

Chris Bent Author Interview Part 6 | Former Navy SEAL Author | Former Navy SEAL Stories | Motivation

Transcript: Interviewer: Okay, anything you’d like to say about working with the SEALS guys? I guess I’d say your manhood is defined by wh...

Fran Veal

When did you begin indie publishing? I published my first book, Finding My Escape in 2011. How did you make the choice to go indie? Well, I’m a...

Chris Bent Author Interview Part 5 | Former Navy SEAL Author | Former Navy SEAL Stories | Motivation

Transcript: Interviewer: So I noticed you’ve got this wall here with all these photos on it; what is this Chris? Well, my wife made the big mist...

Bobby Nash

When did you begin indie publishing? I’ve been working in the comic book market since 1992. My first novel came out in 2005 from an indie press...

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How to Write an Engaging Book-Jacket Blurb

It’s the moment of decision. There are so many wonderful, fascinating things you feel a reader should know about your story, but what do you include? What will make them want to part with their money? How many times have you put a book down, or scrolled onto the next one just because the description was ho-hum? Don’t let that happen to your book. Anyone who has published, either traditionally or independently will tell you: you have to have a great hook or no one is going to read your book. So u...

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Knowing When It’s Time to Bring in an Editor

“Writing without revising is the literary equivalent of waltzing gaily out of the house in your underwear.” —Patricia Fuller    Editing is something that we all do almost daily. From blog posts to a book chapter, a grocery list to an email, proofreading and revising is an important step. If you want the best results for your writing, you need to edit your work. No matter your industry or audience, typos are going to set you back a few paces, not to mention more egregious errors like inconsi...

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8 Tips for Polishing Your Fiction

I always enjoy working on draft 2. Sure, draft 1 can be full of surprises, discovery and moments of brilliance (or least if feels like brilliance at the time) but it can also be quite a taxing task. Draft 2 is more like the second time you make a new recipe: you’ve worked out what works and what doesn’t and can’t wait to try it again, this time with fewer mistakes. That’s not to say that drafts 3 to 3,000 won’t have their moments of difficulty, but they exist to continuously refine what drafts 1...

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Booktrack. To boldly go where no book has gone before.

  Last year I wrote a blog post called What’s all the noise about Audiobooks? while exploring new platforms for self-published authors. The main issue that many authors such as myself encountered were twofold: creation and distribution. This weekend I discovered an entirely new platform that sets up no barriers to any and all authors. Booktrack, soundtracks for books, is an entirely new platform that while some others from what I understand have tried to accomplish but only Booktrack has be...

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