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Chris Bent Author Interview Part 6 | Former Navy SEAL Author | Former Navy SEAL Stories | Motivation

Transcript: Interviewer: Okay, anything you’d like to say about working with the SEALS guys? I guess I’d say your manhood is defined by wh...

Darren White

When did you begin indie publishing? At the start of October 2013, with the release of my sci-fi / horror anthology “Memes of Loss and Devotion...

Joseph Rinaldo

When did you begin indie publishing? About nine years ago. How did you make the choice to go indie? I did try the traditional route first, but I found...

Chris Bent Author Interview Part 5 | Former Navy SEAL Author | Former Navy SEAL Stories | Motivation

Transcript: Interviewer: So I noticed you’ve got this wall here with all these photos on it; what is this Chris? Well, my wife made the big mist...

Francis W. Porretto

When did you begin indie publishing? My first venture took place late in 2010, at the SmashWords eBook publishing website. The novel was Which Art In...

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Customize the Headlines of Your Cost-Per-Click KDP Ads

  Sometime back in January, Kindle Direct Publishing launched its new pay-per-click advertising campaign through Amazon Marketing Services. The service is only available for any KDP select titles, meaning, they must be exclusive through Amazon. I decided to try out campaigns for both of my e-books that were already in KDP select and KDP Unlimited. Some said that this would put indie books in the big leagues, while I think it’s more like the minor leagues. Why? Because the ads are so s ...

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Audience Participation

     These days, a writer who allows it will get plenty of feedback from his readers. I encourage it; it helps me to know what I’m doing badly, what I’m doing well, and what I could try that I haven’t yet thought to do. But there are pitfalls to the practice, some of which are less than obvious.      For one thing, people who merely want to piss you off have as much access to you as those interested in an honest exchange. I’ve received a fair amount of suc ...

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The designer who designed the cover of “The Tree’s Sister”

DELHI: She can be called an innovative person with a great power of imagination. Meet Sonakshi Sharma, a Delhi girl who has designed the cover of the book – “The Tree’s Sister” written by Ankit Singh. She is also a professional photographer in addition to this. The cover page of this book is being widely appreciated by the readers. The story is based on the emotional bonding between a 5-yr old little girl Shruti and the Neem tree. “Due to the theme of the book being based on nature/environ ...

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Word Formnoun
DefinitionAny of various mollusks of the class Gastropoda, such as the snail, slug, cowrie, or limpet, characteristically having a single, usually coiled shell or no shell at all, a ventral muscular foot for locomotion, and eyes and feelers located on a distinct head.
UsageThe sound of a shell crushing beneath his foot told him that he had just caused a gastropod"s demise.
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