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Joseph Rinaldo

When did you begin indie publishing? About nine years ago. How did you make the choice to go indie? I did try the traditional route first, but I found...

S.M. White

When did you begin indie publishing? I began Indie publishing in October 2012. How did you make the choice to go indie? I made the choice after taking...

Francis W. Porretto

When did you begin indie publishing? My first venture took place late in 2010, at the SmashWords eBook publishing website. The novel was Which Art In...

Gemma Ramji

How did you make the choice to go indie? I didn’t want anyone to change my words, or my style, to appeal to a certain market. Such an idea is the drea...

Kerri Farrell Foley

When did you begin indie publishing? I’ve been writing and publishing online since 2009. I started my work as a literary magazine editor at Crac...

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A Second Life for a First Novel, Using Professional Editors

Anyone paying attention knows that the book publishing industry is undergoing tremendous change.  The result is that a book you see on the shelf of a bookstore, or at a reading, may have been produced by an entire team of publishing professionals in New York, or a team of professionals working independently for a self-published author. Increasingly, when done well, it’s impossible to tell the difference between these two efforts.  ...

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Fantastic Terminology

One of the great challenges in the depiction of worlds and phenomena distant from reality as we know it is mastering the art of the coinage. It’s not easy; take it from a writer who’s struggled with it for thirty years. Some science fiction writers are truly gifted at this art. Larry Niven, in his early “Known Space” stories, displayed a talent for introducing strange words as labels for strange things. For example, when he decided to allow faster-than-light travel in his...

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