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Gerald Freeman

When did you begin indie publishing? Oct 10th 2013 Why did you make the choice to go indie? After trying the traditional route and receiving some very...

Chris Bent Author Interview Part 3 | Former Navy SEAL Author | Former Navy SEAL Book | Inspiration

Transcript: Interviewer: What else do you want to tell me? Yeah, we’re blessed to have a successful business, Best Of Everything, and we’v...

Chris Bent Author Interview Part 2 | Former Navy SEAL Author | Former Navy SEAL Book | Leadership

Transcript: Today I’m talking with Chris Bent. Tell me about your book. Rather personal…the book can almost be summed up in the very first...

Chris Bent Author Interview Part 4 | Former Navy SEAL Author | Former Navy SEAL Book | Motivation

Transcript: Interviewer: Going back to the book, how does that tie into I am unhappy? Well, the title came out of nowhere, and then again it came out...

Darren White

When did you begin indie publishing? At the start of October 2013, with the release of my sci-fi / horror anthology “Memes of Loss and Devotion...

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What’s your crutch word?

I don’t know if it’s just me or other authors also have a certain word that they inadvertently repeat while writing. After I wrote my very first draft, I realized that my crutch word was ‘felt‘. My editor had pointed it out to me. I understand that writing is best done spontaneously and not if you are constantly aware of what you might be doing wrong. It disturbs the flow if you write consciously. However, while self-editing, one should be aware of their crutch words (if...

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When someone posts unkind comments about your book, what do you do? Do you ignore them, do you argue back, or do you try to learn from them? That depends on the nature of the comments—and the kind of person you’d be dealing with....

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5 Creative Writing Prompts

Creative writing prompts are useful when you might experience a dearth of ideas and inspirations, or experience ‘writer’s block’, which can directly affect your productivity. The truth is, just like everything else, there is a solution for this problem. Just like a painter needs his muse, a writer needs his or her ideas and they can be generated with certain prompts. These cues can be in the form of concepts, words, phrases, an image, or anything that makes you suddenly blaze up with ideas. Belo...

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