I’m not sure why or how I am here but since I am I must tell my story.

I remember the stars, brighter and closer than they are now. I don’t recall daylight, only the stars and the black and feeling at peace and in a place that I was meant to be. This place doesn’t fit, this form doesn’t fit but at least it allows me to express in a simple and limited way the life within. The life I knew out there in all its fullness. Out in the tanshak. The word/sound means the light studded black, but only in your expression. It is so much more. I can’t explain. With your word/sounds I can’t explain┬ábut I know it means so much more. I must lie down now. The black makes this form weary and I must pass into the oblivion that you call sleep. When the great light comes I will try to recall more. I hope there are others out there that see/know/hear me. So weary with the black. I must go. Until the great light comes.

Here they say I am Steve.

I don’t understand this body and these thoughts. I am Steve, caucasian by earth reckoning but there is so much confusion. Human is not human. Light is darkness. Illumination, shedding of light is perhaps a better translation. I struggle, eye for eye, tooth for tooth is this the normal sentient behaviour on this world? I see from you history there is one who says ‘Turn the other cheek.’ but how many cheeks do you have? Blood (essentially bodily fluid) is important in my world. If you make an oath by it, it is eternal. How many fingeres do you have? How many toes? Can you communicate by any means? Is there empathy? Can you understand? Do your offspring connect with you? Please note: Adolescent offspring are not meant┬áto connect with their parents. It is where inspiration comes from.