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Gathering Storm

How far would you go to keep your true love? Years ago, one made the ultimate oath in desperation, sealing a fate beyond the lover’s dreams. A single promise to always remember whi...

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What if everything you knew – and everyone you loved – suddenly disappeared, leaving you stranded in a dangerous world gone terribly wrong?...

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The Missing Method

Ever feel like you really don’t know the guitar? Explore the middle region of the neck and learn to play guitar music in all 12 keys!...

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Author Spotlight


figuratio is an Australian author currently working on his second novel....

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M. K. Theodoratus

Snarly elves are my specialty since I prefer my imagination to the real world. Have four short publi...

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Dieter Geruschkat

Between 1987 and 2012 Dieter Geruschkat was active as a sales representative. Since 2004 he follows...

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JM Libby

I’m the mother of two great kids, first and foremost. In 2008, I received my Bachelor of Arts...

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Matt Grawitch

Matt Grawitch grew up in the Midwestern U.S. as the youngest of eleven children. Reading was a way t...

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Author Services

Where Writers Win: Join the Winner Circle

This subscription-based set of author marketing tools includes a downloadable interactive directory...

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English Majors Make Better Editors

I place authors with editors in my "stable" of professionals. I match you up with an editor who has...

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Join the world’s largest book club. Catalog your books from Amazon, the Library of Congress and 690...

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ACX –Amazon Audiobook Creation Platform

Expand your reach with a digital audiobook! Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) makes it easy to produ...

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Goodreads & Goodreads Author Program

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. Our mission is to help p...

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    A writer's time is her most precious commodity. Save a bundle of it in one easy step.
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    DELHI: She can be called an innovative person with a great power of imagination. Meet Sonakshi Sharma, a Delhi girl who has designed the cover of the book – “The Tree’s Sister” written by Ankit Singh. She is also a professional photographer in addition to this. The cover page of this book is being widely […]
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    This article reviews some of the main types of point of view in fiction and considers the pros and cons of head hopping among point of view characters within a scene.
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    Another reason not to be exclusive! There’s no doubt that indies and self-published authors have made headways in recent years, and are finally getting their due. While I’m late to this – I would probably be late to my own funeral – libraries and educational institutions are getting their hands on self-published and indie titles […]
    Heidi Loney