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NO CURE FOR MURDER – A Detective Dante Moser Mystery

A lonely pharmaceutical CEO, who befriended a carousing doctor’s weeping widow, ended up dead in her pool house. Enter Detective Dante Moser, confessed meat and chocolate man and V...

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The Continuing Conflicts of Lester and Emily

Our American hero needs to free an Alien Space Ship from the Ice World that parallels Earth. He must defeat an Ice World monster and fly to Mars....

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An adventure in good times, crime, and terror south of the border....

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Author Spotlight

Dieter Geruschkat

Between 1987 and 2012 Dieter Geruschkat was active as a sales representative. Since 2004 he follows...

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Gary Eddings

I retired as a Fire Department EMS Division Chief in 2005 and then began to write seriously in 2009....

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Barbara Billig

Barbara Griffin Billig graduated from Washington University in St. Louis at age nineteen with a degr...

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Debbie A. Heaton

Debbie A. Heaton is a master’s level therapist currently working with families and children in South...

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Robert Yehling

I am the Independent Publisher Book Award-winning author of 10 books and ghostwriter of five others....

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Author Services

Inkflash – Virtual Reality Book Trailers

We create 3D interactive book trailers that readers can step inside and explore. Each book trailer i...

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The Casual Cupcake Agency

As a self-published author, I understand what goes into creating electronic press kits, cover design...

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The Red Pen Coach Editorial Services

EDITORIAL SERVICES: Proposal Package Deal: line edits and comments for first 3 chapters of a manuscr...

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Cover Host

Cover Host is a feature blog created by author A.M. Day for indie authors, including those authors s...

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Indie Flash Fiction

Are you a fiction writer looking for ways to promote your writing and expand your audience? Many wri...

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RSS Recent Articles: The Indie Writer’s Guide

  • Customize the Headlines of Your Cost-Per-Click KDP Ads May 20, 2015
      Sometime back in January, Kindle Direct Publishing launched its new pay-per-click advertising campaign through Amazon Marketing Services. The service is only available for any KDP select titles, meaning, they must be exclusive through Amazon. I decided to try out campaigns for both of my e-books that were already in KDP select and KDP Unlimited. […]
    Heidi Loney
  • Audience Participation May 16, 2015
         These days, a writer who allows it will get plenty of feedback from his readers. I encourage it; it helps me to know what I’m doing badly, what I’m doing well, and what I could try that I haven’t yet thought to do. But there are pitfalls to the practice, some of which are […]
    Francis Poretto
  • Become An Indie Writer! April 20, 2015
    You want to be a writer and an author, but no literary agent will accept your work.  This article gives you ten reasons why you should consider becoming an Indie Writer.
    Don Viecelli
  • Delivering Emotional Punches in Writing April 19, 2015
    Writing emotionally-charged scenes through pacing, sentence and paragraph structures, word choices and dialogue.
    Francesca Pelaccia
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