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Gathering Storm

How far would you go to keep your true love? Years ago, one made the ultimate oath in desperation, sealing a fate beyond the lover’s dreams. A single promise to always remember whi...

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The Dragons of Kendualdern: Ascension

A dragon prince, crippled by a terrible battle, must find the fire in his heart to forge his kingdom despite his handicap....

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The Promise

When pastry chef Jane Gray sells her daughter's locket, she becomes the unlikely subject of a massive police hunt and fodder for London's tabloid press. Secrets unravel, lies are e...

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Author Spotlight

JM Libby

I’m the mother of two great kids, first and foremost. In 2008, I received my Bachelor of Arts...

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Matt Grawitch

Matt Grawitch grew up in the Midwestern U.S. as the youngest of eleven children. Reading was a way t...

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T. A. Riddell

Author, Artist and Part Time Super Villain....

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Tim Fairchild

Retired. Full time writer and musician living in Maine. Influences: Tom Clancy, Clive and Dirk Cussl...

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Judy Nickles/Gwyneth Greer

Judy Nickles is a former teacher, avid genealogist, intrepid traveler,  Kindle-reader of mystery and...

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Author Services

Kindle Direct Publishing

*With Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) you can self-publish your books on the Amazon Kindle Store. It...

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Smashwords: Your Ebook, Your Way

Smashwords is the world’s largest distributor of indie ebooks. We make it fast, free and easy for an...

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Experienced Indie Editor

I am an editor with eight years experience helping writers produce books that meet the highest stand...

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ACX –Amazon Audiobook Creation Platform

Expand your reach with a digital audiobook! Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) makes it easy to produ...

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Digital Book

Readers, stop searching for your next great read. Find it on digital book Author interviews...

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RSS Recent Articles: The Indie Writer’s Guide

  • Identifying and Avoiding Deus Ex Machina July 31, 2015
    This article reviews what deus ex machina means, identifies examples of deus ex machina, explains why readers do not like deus ex machina, and considers whether all unsatisfying endings are deus ex machina.
    Jennifer Ellis
  • Customize the Headlines of Your Cost-Per-Click KDP Ads May 20, 2015
      Sometime back in January, Kindle Direct Publishing launched its new pay-per-click advertising campaign through Amazon Marketing Services. The service is only available for any KDP select titles, meaning, they must be exclusive through Amazon. I decided to try out campaigns for both of my e-books that were already in KDP select and KDP Unlimited. […]
    Heidi Loney
  • Audience Participation May 16, 2015
         These days, a writer who allows it will get plenty of feedback from his readers. I encourage it; it helps me to know what I’m doing badly, what I’m doing well, and what I could try that I haven’t yet thought to do. But there are pitfalls to the practice, some of which are […]
    Francis Poretto
  • Become An Indie Writer! April 20, 2015
    You want to be a writer and an author, but no literary agent will accept your work.  This article gives you ten reasons why you should consider becoming an Indie Writer.
    Don Viecelli
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